Disability Services

In-Home Family Support

This service is designed to support the client’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and social functioning while providing specific intervention strategies which will allow clients to remain in their community.

In-home services include supervision, training, social interaction, behavioral guidance, respite care, support to families, hands on training with the parent(s) and/or children tailored specifically to the parents and family needs. Skills covered in In-Home Parenting include but are not limited to:

  • Coaching parents on appropriate parenting skills
  • Child care skills
  • Behavior management skills and techniques
  • Appropriate discipline
  • Modeling different discipline techniques
  • Setting structure within the home
  • Budgeting
  • Setting boundaries
  • Child development
  • Education/training; and
  • Coaching and assisting parents with medical appointments and medical care

Semi-Independent Living Services (SILS)

This service is designed to provide guidance, training, counseling, supervision and assistance for persons with developmental disabilities and related conditions.

Services include assistance with budgeting, meal preparation, personal appearance and the related social support needed to maintain and improve a client’s level of functioning in a community setting.

Supportive Living Services (SLS)

The Supportive Living Services will provide up to 24-hours of residential services. Services are designed to maintain a client’s independence in daily living and community involvement and to support their physical, intellectual, emotional and social functioning. Clients are provided the support and supervision they need to live in apartments or their own homes.