Homecare Services provided by MSSI include the following:

  • Personal Care Assistance (PCA)
    This program is provided in order to enhance each client’s ability to maintain an independent living. Daily activities include redirection, monitoring and observation, and accompanying clients to activities outside their home.
  • Home Maker Services
    These services are aimed at enabling clients to remain in the community avoiding institutionalization. This includes assistance with household management, techniques for self-care and social support, home safety practices, and housekeeping needs such as shopping, cooking, and laundry.
  • Skilled Nursing Services

    Skilled-nursing services are available for clients in need of day-to-day medical maintenance. Examples of services that will be available to clients are:

    • Observation, assessment, and evaluation of a client’s condition when only the specialized skills of a medical professional is needed to determine the health status
    • Special nursing procedures that require substantial and specialized therapy (ex. insertion of a catheter)
    • Teaching and training that require the skills of a nurse when appropriate to the client’s illness, injury or functional loss
    • Teaching of self-administration of injectable medications or a complex range of medications
    • Teaching a newly diagnosed diabetic or caregiver on all aspects of diabetic management
    • Teaching of self-catheterization, bowel or bladders programs
  • Chore Services
    This service is provided to help clients maintain a clean, sanitary, and safe environment; including heavy household chores (washing floors, cleaning windows, tackling loose rugs, moving heavy items, or shoveling snow in order to provide safe access).

* To be eligible for homecare services, clients must have an identifiable physical or emotional disability.