Residential Program Manager

REPORTS TO: Executive Director
SUPERVISES: House Coordinators

The Program director must have a Bachelor’s Degree in a discipline of human service field. The P.D. must have at least 1 year of experience working in the field of developmental disability and mental illness and in residential services. The P.D should have supervisory experience and working knowledge of the rules and regulations governing adult foster homes and other residential services. The P.D. must have proven skills in problem solving and decision making, ability to work with team approach, and the ability to exercise discretion and responsibility when representing the company.

Job Summary
The Program Director is responsible for the overall functioning of the residents, House Coordinators and quality of services under the direction of the executive director. The Program Director is responsible for the supervision of the House Coordinators in the carrying out of their job responsibilities. The Program Director is also responsible for the coordination and communication of services provided to clients in the home. The Program Director is responsible for the overall supervision of the functions listed below and other functions delegate by the Executive Director.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Ensure that client has sufficient food in the house
  • Work with the quality assurance person to develop and monitor staff schedule
  • Coordinate client activity/medical transportation needs
  • Be available for on-Call responsibility
  • Ensure safety of clients and staff members


  • Monitor medication and ensure that client has at least 1 week of medication supplies at all times
  • Schedule all medical and psychiatric appointments and ensure that client attends appointments as scheduled.
  • Arrange transportation for clients appointments
  • Communicate with clients families, case managers and their doctors regarding clients health status, medication changes, and side effects as needed
  • Monitor client medication side effects
  • When client is scheduled for medical or therapy appointment, insure that medical forms are completed and appropriately filed.


  • Develop client Risk Management Plan and goals and oversee implementation of such plans
  • Develop client individual goals and implementation strategies
  • Ensure that client goals are followed as written and these goals are reviewed quarterly
  • Monitor client progress toward goal achievements or lack thereof
  • Monitor clients progress notes and other documentation forms
  • Monitor all incident/accident report forms and forward/file in clients record as appropriate
  • Maintain resident privacy and ensure adequate compliance with Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Monitor all correspondence in regards to the consumers and the residence to insure prompt response when needed
  • Arrange meetings with interdisciplinary team and complete reports as needed
  • Ensure that fire drill exercise are completed on a monthly basis
  • Ensure that Tornado drill exercise are completed and recorded on a quarterly basis


Ensure that all documentations are properly done and filed in client records, including the following

  • Incident/accident reports
  • Medication documentation
  • Progress/clinical notes
  • Activity notes


  • Maintain open communication with families, case managers, health care providers, and other community service providers as needed
  • Maintain communication with staff and clients to ensure continuity of care and adequate daily living programming
  • Address any concerns brought to the attention of the Coordinator in a timely manner with the appropriate sources
  • Schedule and coordinate monthly house team meetings
  • Ensure that staff document in the communication book as needed.


  • Responsible for the orientation and ongoing training of direct care staff
  • Schedule and document all staff in-service training and make copies of training available to the quality assurance staff for proper record in the staff personnel file
  • Provide role modeling for direct staff
  • Monitor staff schedule and ensure each staff works during their shift
  • Provide adequate supervision for house coordinators and residential counselors
  • Monitor and approve request for staff time off and communicate these requests to the Exec. Director
  • Provide problem resolution with staff regarding performance issues and provide prompt feedback regarding any concerns and/or positive job performance
  • Provide timely performance review for all staff


  • Maintain a safe and well maintained residence
  • Ensure all maintenance is reported and completed in a timely manner
  • Communicate any safety and /or physical concerns to the executive director in a timely manner
  • Ensure all internal and external upkeep is completed in a timely fashion


  • Maintain up to date knowledge of licensing requirements for foster care licensing and waiver licensing
  • Maintain the standard of licensing requirements in the foster homes and programs
  • Schedule and coordinate all re-licensing activities for each home as required.


Assist with other duties as assigned