Youth Transition Program

MSSI’s Youth Transition Program is designed to provide housing and other specific intervention strategies to enable adolescents and youth to remain in their community.

While these clients are spending their weeked with us, we focus mostly on activities in the community. Each client will be encouraged to be as involved as their skills and abilitities will permit. Activities consist of outtings to movies, the Science Museum, Mall of America, bowling, and different indoor/outdoor sporting events and games. As appropriate, we will also work with individual clients based on their needs in the following areas:

  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Behavioral Skills
  • Community Resource Utilization and Integration Skills
  • Crisis Assistance
  • Relapse Prevention Skills
  • Health Care Directives
  • Budgeting and shopping skills
  • Healthy lifestyle skills and practices
  • Cooking and nutrition skills
  • Mental Illness Symptom Management Skills
  • Household management skills
  • Employment-related skills

Program Goals/objectives

Our goal is to support our clients, equip them with necessary social skills provide vital support for the entire family. MSSI will assist and work with clients and families to:

  • Provide clients with skills that can help build family cohesion, reduce anxiety and increase ability to make appropriate decisions.
  • Decrease problematic behavior and help develop the strengths and skills needed to become a functioning member of the community.
  • Provide training, supervision and assistance in the development of skills needed for maintaining activities of daily living.
  • Provide the support, monitoring and guidance needed by clients in the reduction and/or elimination of maladaptive behaviors.
  • Assist client with the development of a realistic crisis plan and crisis intervention strategies.
  • Work with client to develop a strong community survival skill such as communication and socialization skills.